Love in a Dark Place

I lay awake in the dark with only a sheet to warm me. I was waiting for him. Hoping that he would come for me. And then I heard it. That familiar sound of his boots as they thudded against the naked steps, the shuffle of his feet as he stood outside my door, then... Continue Reading →


I've let you wrap yourself around me, Your eager hands passing through me,  foolishly thinking I was strong. It took me too long to see you're pulling me down. This dance of ours we'll dance endlessly, And neither of us know the song. But I refuse to go, I’m not ready to drown.   It... Continue Reading →

Hangman’s Noose

I looked up from the bars of my prison and there I saw it. The lone noose that hung against the backdrop of grey. I watched as the rope drifted in the gentle breath of wind and the skies moaned as they grew tired and heavy. This is not how I imagined my death. The... Continue Reading →

What Happens When We Stop Searching

And I’ve finally gone inwards. Just not to find peace. Because I tried that, many times, and found that it was only ever temporary. You have to keep looking for it. I’ve gone inwards. Just not to find myself. Because I keep changing, morphing into something and someone new. You have to keep finding you.... Continue Reading →

Dance with the Faeries

Come dance with me, come dance with me, Come play with me amongst the faery rings Run into the wilderness with beautiful crystal springs Listen to the ancient trees Hear them whisper forgotten secrets and once again set them free.   Come dance with me, come dance with me, Take my hand, let me lead... Continue Reading →

The Girl and the Wolf

There was a young girl with a cloak of red Who was always so thoughtful and smart in the head She would skip to her grandma who was sick in her bed And take with her a basket of freshly baked bread Never once was she scared or filled with dread As she readied herself... Continue Reading →

A Dryad’s prayer

In moments of painful quiet and misery I find myself longing for the Heart Tree. What once stood so magnificent and tall, Has vanished like it never was at all. But I remember the way it stood, So glorious, calm, sacred, and good. Its roots cradled the earth in a loving embrace, Its trunk unyielding,... Continue Reading →

My Demon and Me

My demon and me go everywhere together, It is there when I eat It is there when I sleep For it constantly haunts my dreams And turns them into nightmares. It is there each And Every Day.   My demon and me do everything together, When I laugh with my friends When I walk to... Continue Reading →

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