The fate of Culloden

On the 16th April 1746 at Culloden Moor, Inverness, the last battle to be fought on British soil began and ended. The Jacobite army made their stand against the Hanoverian Government led by the Duke of Cumberland. Contrary to popular belief the Jacobite’s were not only Scottish highlanders but included both Irish and French soldiers.... Continue Reading →


And Then There Is Peace

Our spark turned into a flame that burned away everything we had. Tell me, how were we to know our fire would rage? Would turn against us? We were lost in its light, hypnotized by the heat. The flames danced with us, through us. Its sway cast a spell, its swerve cast a trance, and... Continue Reading →

Rulers of the Day

Eos reaches out her rosy fingers Setting the sky ablaze Its burning light creating haze The colours shine gold With a shudder of pink Praise the Goddess for bringing the dawn. The night slips away in silence Its fading light begins to wane Rose floods the sky as Eos reigns It is her dominion, her... Continue Reading →

Our Own

Our love should have been a tragedy, we were both broken. Life has wrecked us like giant ships with giants hopes, only to be crushed ruthless by the ocean. Sinking to its haunting depths to be lost and forgotten. But on that day life cooked up a storm and we crashed together like lightning, shattering... Continue Reading →

Into the Ocean

Into the ocean we delve Explore the blue forests under the earth The bountiful corals and rainbow fish Feel the oceans hand caress your body Feel the light warm your soul. When the sky is blue and the sun smiles Admire the seas below For they will shine as droplets of light dance upon their... Continue Reading →

Selene’s Awakening

When the day comes to an end The sun makes its great descend Below the horizon it sneaks And in the midst of twilight The sky is set ablaze with golden light But then the veil of darkness approached like a darkened ocean Its powerful waves drown out the last remaining glow Until all is... Continue Reading →

Yomi Rises

‘Aimi run!’ My brother cried fearfully. It was torment, with each step I took my legs burned. We had been running for so long and hadn’t fully rested. Time had not been the same since it happened; we have been on the run for six years. ‘Aimi they’re coming hurry!’ I stared at my brother;... Continue Reading →

Don’t Save Me

This heart has cracks This skin has scars My light is lost We're dying stars. Always hunted, on the run But the night is so much fun. So when pain becomes beauty, Don't save me. Look at all these pieces of me I'll bury em Where no one can find em. My mind has stopped... Continue Reading →

Who Am I

Who am I? We ask this question daily. Does anyone have an answer? I know, I do not. It is never a what, where or why. If it were a why, melancholy would be rife. But a what… Well I am female, pale skinned if you want to be precise. A where is trickier. I... Continue Reading →

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