Don’t Save Me

This heart has cracks This skin has scars My light is lost We're dying stars. Always hunted, on the run But the night is so much fun. So when pain becomes beauty, Don't save me. Look at all these pieces of me I'll bury em Where no one can find em. My mind has stopped... Continue Reading →


Who Am I

Who am I? We ask this question daily. Does anyone have an answer? I know, I do not. It is never a what, where or why. If it were a why, melancholy would be rife. But a what… Well I am female, pale skinned if you want to be precise. A where is trickier. I... Continue Reading →

Go Ahead

Go ahead. Pull me close and whisper in my ear. Tell me I’m the best, tell me you love me to the last star and back. That’s always what makes me stay. Go ahead. Stroke my hair and kiss my cheek. After you’ve spread my legs and sunken your teeth into my skin. That’s always... Continue Reading →


The balance of the world The grand design Must never derail and always align. So Life and Death Were placed to avail On opposing ends of the mighty scale. Two things so unlike One beautiful and kind The other a dark fear in everyone’s mind. One a gift The other a curse A clash of... Continue Reading →

Confessions of the Soul

I have done shameful things. I've let myself be touched by men whose greedy hands were anything but gentle. I've opened my heart to people who knew only how to tear it to useless pieces. A puzzle, that would not fit back together again. I've opened my arms to strangers who never returned the reverence.... Continue Reading →

Curse of Medusa

I sat alone amongst the darkness sobbing aloud, tears streaming down my cursed face. The only company I had were the rats, bats and my reptile friends. The cave was damp and never ending, the ground cold and hard, it gave no invitation, nor did it comfort those that dwelled inside it. How did I... Continue Reading →


Outside in midnight black, I sat alone until a tap Tap whose tapping at my door on this darkest night ‘Leave me be’ I cried to the stranger on the other side ‘Don’t be glum, dear sister’ they cried, we no longer wish to fight Then of course I must forgive them, or they shall... Continue Reading →

My Faults

Tell me my darling, where did I go wrong? Was it in my hands that held your head against my thudding chest To calm the violent colours racing through your thoughts? In my warmth that gave you comfort when the oceans flooded the mirrors to your soul? In the beats of my heart that echoed... Continue Reading →

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