‘You understand what will happen should you accept your place at this table,’ Aurelia said to the man lurking in the doorway, who was unable to decide if he was going to enter or flake. Her voice was soft and pleasant, her tone kissed with the slightest brush of warning. To him it sounded like... Continue Reading →

The Girl made of Porcelain

The insects hummed and buzzed within their glass prisons, all of them desperately seeking their freedom. Chrissie watched them with a deep curiosity. She was joined by Shadow who lay down beside her, much more preoccupied with cleaning his fur, as cats do. It was peaceful. The cat purred softly as he lay curled up... Continue Reading →

Colour Theory

‘You want the ecstasy of my soft flesh?’ ‘I do,’ I breathed heavy. She leaned closer, tucking a rebellious curl behind my ear, sending a shiver down my spine as she trailed her fingertips down my arm. ‘And the agony of my waking dreams?’ ‘Yes.’ It was her way of warning me. Her love would... Continue Reading →


The room was dark with thin strips of light bleeding through the small barred window. The melancholy was rife in the air as speckles of light drifted upon the faded white walls, plunging the room into utter gloom. Much like the atmosphere in this building, but what would you expect from a gaol. There was... Continue Reading →


I look up at the moon. She laughs at me with her sinister smile. This is funny to you isn't it? All around me has descended into chaos, and I cant find solitude, not even in the dead of night. Because even now the moon grins at my anguish. The stars dance and twinkle to... Continue Reading →

In the Night

‘Charlie, Charlie!’ Rebecca cried, her voice echoing across the sparse landscape. There was no response, no signs of movement. The only sounds came from the gentle moans of the cows in the next field. Rebecca sighed and pushed forward, her boots crunching on the dry ground. Where is that stupid dog? This was Farmer Johnson’s... Continue Reading →

The Desolation in the Divine

Do you know what it's like to be torn to pieces? Fighting words, time framed and frozen.   I never stopped being mad at the world. Never stopped being the sad little girl who shined like a pearl. I knew I had to break  the silence with a bad reputation.   Because I'm a goddess,... Continue Reading →

Water Horse

The inn door burst open exposing the mighty gale outside, the candle flames danced erratically as they threatened to plunge the room into heavy darkness. A young woman entered covered in a black hood, her long dress soaked to the bone as the skirt clung to her skin. She slammed the door behind her, pushing... Continue Reading →

Mistress Of The Sea

                                                    The Sea raged as the waves crashed into each other like lightning and the skies thundered in anger. It was a night for shipwrecks and mysterious creatures to roam... Continue Reading →

City of the Insane

The streets of London bustled in the early hours of the morning, everyone making their way to work, or in my case school. The rosy sun began to peek through the silvery clouds illuminating the worn out faces and tired old buildings. Even though the sun had awoken from its slumber it made no difference... Continue Reading →

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